After looking through my Console log I noticed a strange error that seems to show up around 10 times a second or so. The error is coming from the kernel and shows up as one of the following 5 or so variants.

error   16:41:36.722695 +0200   kernel  compat_ifmu_ulist: en2 copyin() error 14
error   16:41:36.722708 +0200   kernel  compat_ifmu_ulist: awdl0 copyin() error 14
error   16:41:36.723005 +0200   kernel  compat_ifmu_ulist: en9 copyin() error 14
error   16:41:41.430428 +0200   kernel  compat_ifmu_ulist: en0 copyin() error 14
error   16:41:41.430555 +0200   kernel  compat_ifmu_ulist: p2p0 copyin() error 14

It seems to be network related but I really haven't been able to find much info on it. A Google search points to a PIA VPN client and MalwareBytes however I do not have either of these apps installed. I'm running macOS 10.14.5 (18F132).

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