I have some doubts using In app purchase. AFAIK only the first In app purchase is approved along with the binary. This is my current state, I have my app already in AppStore with one weekly subscription.

Now I wonder if the following roadmap is possible:

  • Update the current IAP UI
  • Send to apple Apple Review more Weekly and Monthly subscriptions plans(some of them just change the introductory price) without send a binary.
  • My backend will decide which plan will showed to the user.

My problem now is I'm not able to update my current approved IAP, I modified the name, description and screenshot but when I save the changes the IAP state is still Approved when I was expecting it change to Submit to Review state again. Is it possible update a approved IAP? what about if I want to change the background?

On the other hand, I have another IAP waiting for review the last 5 days. Is it normal? Have I to send along with the binary to the app store review?

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