I have multiple external HDD's, many USB thumb drives, a boat load of SD cards and so on. I've not diligently kept everything centrally stored. This goes back years. I now want to clean up this mess by having files either on my Macbook Pro or Synology NAS (plus cloud options).

What I'm looking for now is a tool which helps me with this. Something like DeltaWalker which I use when comparing files or folders, but slightly different. What I'm hoping exists is a piece of software which will know my target volume via perhaps the Finder index, and then I tell it "Hey, check out this SD card, and now try and find every single file on this card, and try and match it with my target HDD or NAS. Let me know if it's already, or not already there!".

Put simply: Do these external drive files already exist on my HDD or NAS?

Or: Do the files on Volume Y exist on Volume Z or not?

Bonus if in case of a picture, it can detect it in the Photos library.

If not found, I'll copy them some place logical. If all files are there, I'll finally wipe the card/disk/drive knowing I've properly dealt with the contents.

I'm OK with command line tools, advanced trickery in tools like Hazel, DeltaWalker etc. But can't think of any that do this type of bulk/batch finding/matching.

Can I do this natively, in Finder perhaps even, or is there a tool out there which can do this with the click of a few buttons?

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