In Finder to go to a specific location I can do Cmd-Shift-G

But what if I want to save to a specific location? That is, I don't want to click through a folder hierarchy in the save dialogue box.

For example I would like to save the current file to ~/.ssh

enter image description here

The Where drop down allows you to select a location, but I want to be able to enter the location using the keyboard.


You can use Command -> Shift -> G in the save dialogue box too, just like in Finder.

Default Folder X is great for saving some as favorites or specific defaults for certain apps. IT does way more than just keyboard shortcuts, but that is one of its super-powers.

Accessibility lets you use keyboard commands to select graphical elements and then tab / type / navigate to whatever folders you prefer.

macos keyboard preferences for full keyboard access

Control F7 allows tab to select more items and move around using your keyboard in the save dialog.

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