Recently, Apple announced a new "User Enrollment" mode that will be supported by the upcoming iOS and Mac OS. There is a session on this at WWDC with some good information, but I haven't been able to find a detailed protocol specification that shows how to implement user enrollment mode.

The main documentation change I have seen is the presence of the "Allowed in User Enrollment" which is listed for a bunch of properties and features.

If anyone knows if Apple has released the exact protocol details for User Enrollment please let me know.

Update: I found this link which talks about MDM commands, and as mentioned above each is marked whether it is used for User Enrollment or not. This makes it seem like User Enrollment is really the same exact protocol as the traditional MDM mode, except that there is only a subset of functionality. But I thought there was more to it than that.

If someone who actually got this working can confirm, it would be helpful.

Update 2: Watching through the video again I noticed that the new AppleManagedID parameter (in the configuration profile) is supposed to be used to indicate User Enrollment mode. However, the documentation for this parameter only shows the parameter has been added, without a single word of description. It seems hacky of Apple to use this key indirectly set the UE mode instead of a direct way to set it.

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