I am running Yosemite on a 2010 MacPro.

I have a number of programs whose last OS was Snow Leopard, so I frequently boot into SL to run them. I'd read that I can run Snow Leopard Server in a virtual machine, but when I loaded SLS into a VirtualBox machine, it did not allow for a migration assistant import from the original drive. In fact, it could only see its own (virtual) drive, and nothing else. The question - Will Parallels have the same issue? Or is there another way to run both OSes on one computer, with no reboot, that I'm not seeing?

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    I stopped using Oracle VM VirtualBox and Parallels Desktop for Mac many years ago; however, I still use VMware Fusion and on occasion I have to access a disk as a RAW Disk. This type of access is considered advanced and can be dangerous if one does not know what their doing. I believe the other two mentioned products can also access a RAW Disk. You'll have to check into it. – user3439894 Jun 12 at 17:58

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