I'm switching between a couple of different user-accounts on my mac at the moment.

Quite often I need a file that's in the other user account and most of the time I can get it by scp'ing from the other account, but sometimes I want a GUI. Is there a way that I can open a finder window that views another user-accounts files?

  • Is there a reason why you don't bring your permissions to the files in question so you could open them as part of a group? Heck, you could add yourself to the group - do the things you want, then take yourself out of the group if you didn't always want access. Seems easier than bringing their permissions to your finder UI. – bmike Jun 12 at 11:32
  • @bmike Interesting... The honest answer about permissions is that I don't generally know which files are necessarily in advance... but you might be suggesting, effectively 'share your whole drive with the group', which sort of solves the problem... I kind of want to be able to do everything from the client account tho... – Joe Jun 12 at 11:34
  • Totally - do you know both passwords, and is one account admin and the OS Mojave or recent? – bmike Jun 12 at 11:47
  • @bmike I have All The Passwords, Current version osx, and one is account admin. – Joe Jun 12 at 12:33

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