On my Apple OS X (High Sierra system), I am trying to install a software called PowerPanel Business from CyberPower: it's a server that monitors an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) connected via USB, and allows management of it over an http interface. It installs fine without error.

On some of my machines, the access works via browser perfectly. On one machine, I try to go to the server's web page at "localhost:3052/agent/system_summary"

The browser says "Can't connect". How do I debug this? I know the process is running; how do I figure out why it's not able to serve its pages via http?

  • Welcome to Ask Different. Have you contacted the creator of this software for help? If it works on some machines then that means it's working. – fsb Jun 11 at 13:38
  • Yes, that's exactly what the creator company says. I believe the software works fine, which is why I'm not pursuing them for bug fixes. There is something on this one machine which is preventing the HTTP interface from working and I am asking for advice on how to find out what it is. There's something running on here that is blocking a port, or in some other way preventing it and I'd like help finding out what could be the problem. – mlevin77 Jun 11 at 14:39

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