I'm getting the AMD-Action:downloadProduct:SP error when trying to reinstall macOS, it doesn't even get to the option to sign in with an apple ID.

I've tried the solutions below but it's still not working:

OS X El Capitan installation error: AMD-Action:authenticate:SP


I've also tried creating a bootable usb using transmac starting by making a GPT partition but it doesn't get discovered as a boot device.

iMac Late 2013

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  • Can you add some details about how exactly the answers to the previous question failed to help you? Right now we don‘t have enough information to propose alternative approaches. – nohillside Jun 10 at 17:31
  • See the answer on the question shown in the yellow box on top. Apparently Apple's recommendation is to bring the computer into a service center. – nohillside Jun 10 at 17:38

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