I have Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255, from 2007, US English layout) and I want to use it on non-Apple, Windows PC. But I have two problems.

First, it is that Windows does not detect when "fn" and "eject" is pressed on. Second - I want to rebind/swap these keys: "fn" to "control" (and "left control" to "fn") and "eject" to "delete". I installed BootCamp on my machine but it has not changed anything.

Thanks for any help.

  • WinAppleKey only supports A1644. Support for A1314 was removed in February 2019 so what are you after? A similar (unsigned) kernel driver for A1255? I have an A1314 and none of the old XP era autokey suggestions work with Windows 10. – lx07 Jun 14 at 9:55
  • Yup, I am looking for driver (not necessarily at the kernel level) that would add on my Windows 10 PC support for "fn", and "eject" key (i want to rebind "eject" to "delete"). – Maciej Bl Jun 14 at 16:18

There is another open source software that works with my A1314 apple keyboard on windows 10.

Try it : Apple Wireless Keyboard

Remember to select restart from tray icon after configuration change.

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