Two of my external HFS+ drives changed permission after I did something wrong while my iMac (Sierra) was connected to an old MacPro2.1 (Snow Leopard) and I shared all the disks on network. So I lost write permissions to the drive (at least the root directory) unless I always provide a password. I can't simply move files within it, I can't delete any directory in root. The worst thing is applications like Final Cut or Davinci Resolve lost it's permissions too. I didn't regain write permissions even after checking the tab "Ignore ownership on this volume". Still it tells me "You can only read"

enter image description here

  • How were you connecting your Sierra Mac to the Snow Leopard Mac? Please be specific. – IconDaemon Jun 8 at 20:00
  • Through local network. Ethernet cable, router, ethernet cable again. But the old cheese grater MacPro 2.1 was already disconnected when I found the drive permission problem. – dalibor Jun 9 at 23:36

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