I just started using Spaces in 10.14 (I know I'm a little late to) and was excited at first until I encountered this scenario:

When I am in a Space and do Exposé to "Show me ALL Application Windows", Exposé shows me ALL the windows opened for that App across ALL Spaces (and not just from the current Space)

However, the behavior in the next scenario is perfect: When I am in a Space and do Exposé to "Show me ALL Windows for ALL running applications", Exposé dutifully shows me only the relevant windows for "ALL" running applications in the "Current" space only. - GREAT!

The problem with showing me "All Windows for Current Application Across ALL Spaces" easily overwhelms me, and to me it cancels out the usefulness of Spaces to organize productivity & workflow.

I created my Desktops to keep things separate.

If anyone has has any insight please share- would love to use Spaces!

Info on my research

I found this article and these 2 Stack Articles:

Customize Mission Control To Show Only Windows From Current Desktop Space

Exposé in 10.7: When exposing “Application Windows”, how do you show only the windows in the current space?

How to modify app expose to show only open windows of current application on current desktop?

I thought I'd try to add the wvous-show-windows-in-other-spaces back in to my plist

edited ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.dock.plist -> added xml value


killall Dock

But did not work.

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