I am using an old iPhone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot when I need to work at my cabin.

I found "Trip Mode" for limiting data usage from my MacBook; however, my iPad seems to be a little data-hog.

Is there any way to limit the apps (directly on my iPad) that can use data while tethered to the iPhone?

i.e. Is there an iOS equivalent of Trip Mode that I could install on the iPad?

This seems like something that many folks would need, but I can only find really old threads discussing it when I Google it.


A simple Web search revealed this app which claims to monitor data usage on your iOS device.

Some of the features as listed in the app description are:

  • Monitor your data usage on mobile, WiFi, and roaming

  • Find out which apps are eating up your mobile data

  • Get alerts before you reach your data limit to avoid overage fees

The app is available free of cost from the App Store.

Note: No affiliation whatsoever with the developer of the app. Based on the app description and ratings, it appears like a useful app.

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    Am just in the city today & have downloaded it to give it a try. Much appreciated. Will report back after giving it a shot. Frustrated that I couldn't find it in my searches: I spent a good hour or so looking up different options, and couldn't turn anything up for iOS. Thanks for your help! – Rax Adaam Jun 21 '19 at 19:00

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