I'm trying to launch the JetBrains Toolbox, but it seems I can't. When I launch via Spotlight search, nothing appears to happen. But when I try to run the launcher manually from the command line, this happens:

> /Applications/JetBrains\ Toolbox.app/Contents/jetbrains-toolbox-launcher.app/Contents/MacOS/jetbrains-toolbox-launcher
2019-06-07 10:08:56.436 jetbrains-toolbox-launcher[47157:731143] Staring wrapper...
2019-06-07 10:08:56.437 jetbrains-toolbox-launcher[47157:731143] Running app file:///Applications/Calculator.app/ with arguments (

and then, indeed, the Calculator launches.

I just upgraded to macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and I believe the app was working before the upgrade. I recently accidentally deleted large parts of /usr/local with an inadvertent rm -rf /usr/local (non-sudo). I interrupted it fairly quickly and was able to restore my Homebrew apps to apparently-working order by re-linking all of them. I successfully launched the Toolbox application once after that happened, but was unable to do so again.

Unfortunately, I don't remember for sure how I installed Toolbox, but I think I installed it directly from the web rather than with brew cask.

I can see the Toolbox app icon in Launchpad, and just as when launching from Spotlight Search, nothing seems to happen when I try to launch it from there.

Any idea what's going on here?

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    Welcome to Ask Different :) How did you install JetBrains toolbox? Direct download or via Homebrew Cask? Can you see the JetBrains Toolbox icon in Launchpad? – Nimesh Neema Jun 7 '19 at 16:44
  • Thanks! I have answered those questions and added an additional piece of info that may actually be fairly crucial. – Kyle Strand Jun 7 '19 at 17:06
  • You can try reinstalling the app. First of all install AppCleaner (you can install it via Homebrew Cask by running, brew cask install appcleaner). Then using AppCleaner completely remove JetBrains Toolbox. Now re-install Toolbox using Homebrew Cask by running brew cask install jetbrains-toolbox. – Nimesh Neema Jun 7 '19 at 17:16
  • @NimeshNeema It looks like I was mistaken, and the Toolbox was being launched as an icon in the little icon-tray on the upper-right of the desktop (by the clock; I'm not sure what that's called). I'm still not sure why the calculator gets launched, though. – Kyle Strand Jun 10 '19 at 19:24

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