I know I need this thermal sensor from OWC.

I want a 2TB SSD disk. My question is: will any SSD disk fit inside a late 2012 iMac?

Do I need any special frame to make it fit?

I will be replacing the internal HD.


Not "any" SSD: SSDs come in a wide range of shapes and connectors. But any SATA 2.5" drive (in the same old form factor as Hard Drives) should work.

The tear-down instructions are found in iFixit. It is marked as "difficult". If it looks risky, you may want to just use an external SSD, connected by Thunderbolt, which should be sufficiently fast.

  • I did this with a new Mac Mini, got the less expensive one with the smaller SSD and plugged in an external 1TB drive VIA USB-C/Thunderbolt for my user folder. Works a treat. – Steve Chambers Jun 7 at 15:53

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