I tried to move a folder from an external drive to my new MacBook Pro's internal drive, but get a "Not enough disk space" error:

enter image description here

The folder I'm moving is 23.89 GB:

enter image description here

But my internal drive is supposed to have 54.71 GB available (and also 40 GB purgable on top of that):

enter image description here

EDIT: Or am I misreading those numbers? Is it actually 54.71 available whereof 40 are purgeable? That would make more sense since 499.96 capacity - 480.35 used = 19.61, which is far from 54.71. But then, 19.61 does not exactly match 14.71 (54.71 available - 40 purgeable) either.

What's going on here?

I should add (because I suspect it may be a factor) that I'm in the progress of uploading a big iPhoto library from my internal drive to iCloud. I just paused that upload for the day. Could it be that it somehow reserves some disk space?

Or might it simply be a matter of Finder misreporting available space, since those numbers don't add up per my edit?

I'm on Mojave (10.14.5).

  • I resolved the issue by moving my big photo library to an external drive. Then I had enough space to move that folder. I suspect that there was only enough free space if you counted the 40 GB of "purgeable" space, but macOS was for some reason (would love to know why) not able to purge it in this situation. Possibly because the photo library was mid-sync? – Henrik N Jun 7 at 15:24

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