I can't locate the following files. I have removed it manually at file finder but it is still stuck here at the system information. Now I can't update my MacOs because I am running out of space.

If I click on Go Application or right click on Delete files. It doesn't work. Please help

enter image description here


What application are you trying to remove? Have you tried with an uninstaller tool?

For exemple, you can follow this to fully uninstall Office 2011: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/troubleshoot-office-2011-for-mac-issues-by-completely-uninstalling-before-you-reinstall-ba8d8d13-0015-4eea-b60b-7719c2cedd17

Many application has the same type of uninstaller.

  • I am trying to remove all the games, Unturned and all of the above. – Hanz Cheah Jun 7 '19 at 2:15

About this Mac is a slow application in terms of file listing and deleting, especially in case of such big files. The reason I can guess is that it is build atop Finder and requires a huge amount of sorting and storage computations. Also apps like Xcode which were installed from Mac App Store will require passwords while emptying trash if not now.

I suggest that you find the uninstaller of all the apps in their DMGs, if any.

For the remaining ones, I suggest that you check their official pages for uninstallation.

As a last and deprecated option for the remaining ones, go to Finder's Go menu-> Applications -> delete specific apps or folders. Adding to this, there might be files in ~/Library folder like caches or application support. To remove them, go to Go menu in Finder, hold option key and press Library-> go to Caches -> find the relevant files and delete the ones of your games.

Don't delete your Xcode developer files as they might be helpful for some later builds and contain Logs.

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