I would like to run a specific program and tell it not to use swap or virtual memory.

I'm ok with having the OS kill the process when it is OOM.

I don't want to change the machines general configuration.

Can I do this as a regular user and not root?


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    What version of MacOS are you on? How much RAM do you actually have? What is your purpose in trying to do this, i.e. what do you think it will achieve? – benwiggy Jun 6 at 6:34
  • MacOS Mojave. 16GB RAM. For performance reasons I want the program to have all of it's allocated memory in RAM. – Gilad br Jun 6 at 7:23
  • Virtual Memory is an abstraction and bears no relationship to actual RAM usage. You cannot 'not' use virtual memory. Any process in use will be in RAM. It will only be swapped out when other processes are given priority. What makes you think that the performance of your process is currently being limited by MacOS's memory management? – benwiggy Jun 6 at 8:00

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