Today when i am using my mbp 2015 retina , sound went off suddenly.

Internal speaker or headphones are silent. I can only get sound from hdmi output.

  • Sound settings seem ok to me.

  • Some unspecified Diagnostic shows no problems.

  • No red lights in headphone jack.

    I have reset the nvram and smc. With headphones, 8 hear sound just for a second but that fades out very quickly. I am running OS X mojave and don’t know how to fix this.


The amplifier to make sound is the likely cause of failure. Since that’s on the logic board, a free warranty swap or a flat rate repair for $300 or so are the likely costs to fix this properly.

Have you tested installing a new OS on an external drive or wiping and reinstalling in case it’s software? That’s worth doing so you have a backup or confidence you need a repair as well.

  • I have reinstalled os but no joy. Right now i started backing up to timemachine (will take about 8 hours) for wiping drive and make a clean install. There is not much Apple support here in Turkey, they just replace everyting and costs almost a new macbook. – cia Jun 5 '19 at 0:11
  • 1
    After everything i tried, i found a service to repair logic board. as @bmike mentioned, its logic board problem, caused by earlier liquid damage. Thanks for the answer. Saved me a lot of time. – cia Jun 11 '19 at 15:02

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