Following the difficulty in getting photos out of the iPhone reported here, I am now unable to delete photos on the iPhone.

Image Capture can see the photos. I select all and right-click "Delete", and it does not delete any and hangs on this visual that shows "Deleting...":

Image Capture hangs on deleting photos

I tried deleting from the iOS Photos app. I select the photos, click the Trash icon at the bottom right, and the photos disappear from the screen. I can select other photos and scroll up and down but clicking the Trash icon has no effect. When I click the "Share" button at the bottom left, the app crashes. When I relaunch it, the photos I deleted are still there.

The behaviour is the same after restarting the phone and restoring the firmware and a backup.

I already transferred the photos and videos. I would face this problem for each new photo and video I take, and soon I would run out of memory.

How can I reset all photos and videos in the app without losing other data such as messages and call logs?

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