I bought my MacBook Pro 2017, brand new, about 1 year ago. (I have about 3 weeks left on the warranty). I love almost everything about it, except for the screen, which now has over a dozen little sand "dents" in it. I couldn't believe this screen would be so sensitive. These dents are not removable with a little wiping, and it was rather... heartbreaking for something so expensive.

I don't have AppleCare, but I can still buy it... but $170 + $49 for an "accident"? I would really really expect this to be under warranty, but I can't get to an Apple Store anytime soon. I tried (once) chatting with Apple and the agent suggesting shipping it in, but would not assure me that it was under warranty, which freaked me out because I am not going to pay several hundred bucks for a remote repair if it turns out to not be under warranty. What, do you think, is the best course of action?

Finally... I assume this is normal, but the top doesn't appear to be glass. It looks like a sort of plastic "liquid" that's now solid. No glass as far as I can tell. I just assumed that is how it should be.

It is hard to photograph, but much more obvious in real life.

screeen with dents enter image description here

  • Welcome to Ask Different. Are you saying that you've damaged the screen and are asking if you should get AppleCare to have it fixed? – fsb Jun 4 at 18:24
  • No, this naturally occurred. It wasn't so much that I smashed something into it or something, more like dust came off my hands and punctured through the plastic coating. – G.S. Jun 4 at 18:27
  • From your description, it looks like you damaged the screen. I've had multiple MBP's for several years and this has never happened to one of my screens. If you've already performed an SMC reset then you might need to take it to Apple to be fixed. – fsb Jun 4 at 19:28
  • That is good to know. Again, this isn't a software problem. If you hold it up to the light you can see a sort of "puddle" around the "dent." It's weird, and you can feel them with your fingers. – G.S. Jun 4 at 20:00
  • FYI, this is at risk of being closed because you asked a "primarily opinion-related" question about replacing . See the help center. – fsb Jun 4 at 20:22

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