I have been an Android user for the past few years, and recently switched to an iPhone. I was given a used iPhone 6 by someone. But when I try to create an Apple ID, I get an error message stating, This iPhone cannot be used to create an Apple ID and prompts me to the website even after I reset the iPhone completely and removed all the previous accounts and settings.

Why does Apple not allow creating multiple IDs from an iPhone?

  • See this page for the reason. – IconDaemon Jun 3 at 16:56
  • Welcome to Apple StackExchange! I am not sure why you are having this problem, though it could be possibly fixed by resetting iOS (Settings->General->Reset->Erase all content and settings). That is not necessary though, if you just want to create and sign into an Apple ID. To do that, visit [appleid.apple.com][1] in any browser, and then chose to create an Apple ID. If your version of iOS is ≤9.3.5, I wouldn't suggest setting up 2FA. [1]: appleid.apple.com – Sam Jun 3 at 17:13

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