I moved to a new address (it's almost one year). Every time I add an event at my address (by entering my name in the location) I still get the old one as primary suggestion (although my address is updated in the contacts).

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How do I clear the Recent Locations?

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I don't know of a simple way as in iOS, where you can just swipe to delete an entry.

Recent Locations (map-location) on macOS are stored in the "corerecents" database here:
~/Library/Containers/com.apple.corerecents.recentsd/Data/Library/Recents/Recents There are various ways to delete an entry:

  • Download a database browser, like DB Browser for SQLite, find the entry and delete it.
  • Use Terminal (to be found in /Applications/Utilities, or via Spotlight) and the command line.

I'm not very versed with sqlite3, but the following should delete the "Matteo Corti’s Home" entry:

sqlite3 ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.corerecents.recentsd/Data/Library/Recents/Recents "DELETE FROM contacts WHERE display_name IS 'Matteo Corti’s Home'"

(note: if I type the apostrophe in Terminal, I won't get a result, since the database seems to use , instead of ', i.e. not a straight apostrophe.)

If you wanted to clear all entries (including email, phone, urls and instant message recents), you could just delete the database, I would think.


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