I am able to add my g suite email account to my iPhone under Settings -> Passwords and Accounts.

However, in the Inbox and All Mail folder, I can see the emails up to a few days ago and then the next email jumps to 2017. Surprisingly, when I search for one of the "missing" emails, it shows up, but once I go into the folder it says it is supposed to be located, it is not there.

Also, when I press the filter unread button on the bottom left in the Inbox, the correct number of unread emails show up. But, the red/white number that shows is not correct.

There are also some emails that show up in the "Important" and "All Mail" folder when they should be in the "Inbox" folder since I did not archive them. I have only one filter set up but it is only for directing emails from a certain sender to a label.

I am not having this issue with my other gmail accounts (both gsuite and regular). I made sure the settings between this gsuite email and my regular gmail are the same.

  • TBH, I gave up trying to use the native iOS Mail client and switched to Google’s Gmail.app soon after it was released several years ago. The interface has been refined several times and I think it is truly a superior app. I have currently configured one institutional gsuite account and three personal accounts. Give it a try. The Unified Inboxes feature is wicked good. – IconDaemon Jun 3 '19 at 9:43

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