2015 MacBook Pro OS 10.14.5 FileVault

The issue is the correct password and recovery key randomly are not accepted - how can I solve this problem? Or, what kind of an approach can I take to solving this problem?

About three weeks ago my MacBook Pro would not accept the correct password or the correct recovery key. I used Disc Utility to erase the computer and reinstall the software and apps. The restoration was accomplished by migrating data and operating system from another computer (iMac). The iMac does not have this issue.

All was working fine until the day before yesterday when again the MacBook Pro would not accept the correct password or the correct recovery key.

Other things that may be of interest ...

  • It doesn't appear to be the physical keyboard as I have the same issue if I use the MBP keyboard or plug in another keyboard.
  • This does not appear to be a user error - the caps locks wasn't on, the password is well known and the recovery key was photographed rather than copied over.
  • I ran disc utility to diagnose any errors and there were none after the first instance in a few weeks ago.
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