A few months ago, I successfully removed iTunes from my machine using the accepted answer for this question: Disabling / Uninstalling iTunes on macOS Mojave In short, via the command

sudo rm -rf /Applications/iTunes.app

However, now I need it back for reasons. Turns out the latest Mojave update (10.14.5) brought iTunes back for it's currently sitting on my Applications folder; only that it won't launch. It will barely show up on the Dock before the OS shuts it down.

From the Console, I'm seeing the following errors every time I attempt to launch iTunes:

enter image description here

Among those, the inability to read/write this pref key _DKThrottledActivityLast_DKKnowledgeStorageLogging_DKKnowledgeStorageDidInsertEventsNotification is the most apparent.

Now, for there's no standalone installer for iTunes 12.9.x, I can't simply remove and reinstall the program itself. Latest public installer is for iTunes 12.8.2 which won't install unless on "macOS version 10.13.99 or earlier".

I searched online and already turn to Apple Support for a solution and they all agree that a full Mojave reinstall is required to fix this, which I find unreasonable. I hoped that you may know better.

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    You could try running the Combo updater over it, or just reinstall the current OS from recovery - neither of which are destructive.
    – Tetsujin
    Jun 2, 2019 at 15:38
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    Yah, I'd make a Mojave USB installer, boot from that and just reinstall. That won't touch your files and will repair the install. I get it that iTunes sucks and sucks up RAM and disk space but this is a good example of why not to uninstall Apple's 'native' apps. Jun 2, 2019 at 16:12


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