So I've been using my 2016 MacBook Air with an external monitor ever since I fell over and broke the laptop screen. I'm using a displayport adapter that goes directly to VGA (sadly, it was the only one I could find in my area).

i recently decided to wipe my disk clean, having backed up my files to icloud. I did indeed wipe it clean by using the recovery partition. However, the laptop accidentally turned off mid-install after having wiped my drive and having given the drive encryption as well as a password.

Now when I boot it up it gives the chime, I then close the lid as I usually do and I move the bluetooth keyboard to wake it up - and usually this makes the external monitor light up to show me my desktop. However, it just remains black. obviously can't see anything on the internal screen, so I'm at a loss for what to do. I have tried cmd + F1, no go. I tried booting it up in recovery mode - the screen still won't turn on. I reset the CMOS, nothing.

Has anyone got any idea or tips on how to make the external monitor start working again, or what might be wrong?

  • what happens if you leave the MacBook open? Something might have gotten reset in the power settings and the Mac is detecting a lid close and going to sleep. – Steve Chambers Jun 2 at 13:32
  • Literally nothing happens when I just let it stay open. The bell chimes, the external screen just stays turned off. I've tried the cable and screen with another laptop. If I try activating voice over it just says "username" over and over when I try navigating by sound. – BlazingStar Jun 3 at 11:23
  • Would disconnecting the LVDS cable internally force the MacBook air to use the external monotor? I'm not sure how the design of the laptop works, will the laptop design make it possible to force use of an external display, or is will this just mean that I now have both a non-working external and internal display? I'm not sure if the Macbook is smart enough to recognize there is no internal display and to disable it entirely making the external one default. I think I saw something written in another thread about disconnecting the LVDS cable. – BlazingStar Jun 3 at 11:33

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