This may sound like possible duplicate, however it's not. The focus of the question is very specific to OS version macOS Mojave 10.14, with a very specific goal in mind explained below.

The host OS will be Mojave running on Macbook pro 2018.
The goal to achieve is having multiple VMs of Mojave, at least 2 running parallely, Assume VM orchestrator to be vmWare Fusion.
The guests may run heavy applications, (e.g browser, IDE, heavy code compilation, JVM, docker - yes docker in a guest VM).

My question is, where all there is scope of optimization and configuration. Below are few things that could be a considered: - Disabling irrelevant routines, jobs or demons (e.g spotlight) - Any settings to be taken care at firmware (EFI)? - Any specific values for VM configuration? IMMO? Intel VT-D? - How can we forcefully remove irrelevant components from VM (e.g time machine)?

Although, it'll be preferred to not change anything in the host, but what could changes may provide greater optimizations?

  • Dear community, any help here would be much appreciated! – Bhavesh Diwan Jun 2 at 13:55

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