There is a syncing issue between icloud and calendar app on macbook air.

I have Mojave 10.14.5 installed and we are struggling. When going online to icloud I can see a calendar that was shared with me (with all the dates and times), yet when going to the calendar app I can see that the shared calendar but it is empty. We have unshared and reshared the calendar as well as reinstalled the OS, but no success. The apple support is even stuck on this.

Can somebody please assist?

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    More information would be needed. Do you or the other person own more than one device that uses iCloud (e.g. computers, iPads, iPhones, etc.?) If so, are the appointments on the shared calendar only missing on the computer (do they show up on any other device)? Similarly, does the other person see the shared appointments on all their devices? – Tim Campbell May 30 at 14:30
  • The answer for the above is: the other person has two devices (both see the the calendar) and I have an iphone 6 (which also sees all the appointments). It is only with the calendar app on the mac where the syncing issue lies – Soraja van Greunen May 30 at 15:03

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