In Finder in the Column View mode, right-clicking the handle at the bottom of any column separator brings up the popup menu that allows the user to resize the columns. There are three options, and the second one named "Right Size All Columns Individually" (see the attached screenshot) resizes all the columns individually to fit to their longest file names.

The shortcut to this resizing function is Option - double-clicking the handle in any column separator. The simple double click (without the Option key pressed) executes the first option, "Right Size This Column", which resizes only the column associated to the specific handle that is double-clicked.

I wonder if there is a way to switch the shortcuts of these two options. In other words, I want the simple double click to execute "Right Size All Columns Individually" (because that is the resizing option that I use all the time) and Option - double click to execute "Right Size This Column".

enter image description here

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