I can open System Preferences/Privacy/Automation on Mojave with the URL


What is the equivalent to open Full Disk Access? Tried x-apple.systempreferences:com.apple.preference.security?Privacy_FullDiskAccess and similar, but this didn't work.


You can list all the available anchors for the pane by opening the pane and running the AppleScript

tell application "System Preferences" to get name of anchors of current pane

This returns the following list:

  • Advanced
  • FDE
  • Firewall
  • General
  • Privacy
  • Privacy_Accessibility
  • Privacy_AllFiles
  • Privacy_Assistive
  • Privacy_Calendars
  • Privacy_Camera
  • Privacy_Contacts
  • Privacy_Diagnostics
  • Privacy_LinkedIn
  • Privacy_LocationServices
  • Privacy_Microphone
  • Privacy_Reminders
  • Privacy_SystemServices
  • I'll add this as a separate question if it's possible - but based on that is it possible to add an app to, for instance the Microphone list, if it hasn't been added automatically? So far, manual addition to that has eluded me & some apps just don't correctly call gatekeeper to add automatically. – Tetsujin May 28 at 11:20

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