I have been reading on this, and so far the option I found is:

  • Garmin/XGPS external Bluetooth GPS receiver

And that is it. Are there any other alternatives?

I’m curious if an Android or iPhone could be used to share its GPS. I should have gotten a Wi-Fi + cellular iPad, but thats a different story.


Wi-Fi only iPad doesn't come with built in GPS and other positioning hardware (GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS) which are available in current models of iPhone and Wi-Fi + Cellular models of iPad.

You can search the Web and find various wired/wireless (Bluetooth) accessories for your iPad that provide positioning functionality using GPS and a companion app.

I’m curious if an Android or iPhone could be used to share its GPS.

Generally speaking, an Android or iPhone can't be used out of the box as a GPS (positioning) accessory for your Wi-Fi only iPad. It is technically possible to create an app which will let you pair your iPad with a mobile device and view the positioning data, but the same can be done on the mobile device itself.


Using External GPS / GNSS With iOS

This requires :

  1. The external GPS must be a Made for iPod (MFI) certified External Accessory (EA) that support iOS (has the Apple authentication chip) via a Bluetooth connection to the GPS
  2. Requires that iOS Core Location Services be overridden by one of two methods so that all apps on the iPhone/iPad will use the external GPS.
    • 1) Use of an app such as EOS Tools Pro that receives location information and overrides iOS Core Location Services.
    • 2) The External Accessory (EA) itself somehow overrides iOS Core Location Services. I do not understand how this is done.
      Only devices made by SXblue https://sxbluegps.com/products/gps-gnss-receivers/ can do this MFI magic AFAIK.

I have found only a few GPS manufactures that support iOS:

Sharing Android GPS with an IOS Device

I have no idea if this works.

How To Share GPS From An Android Phone To An iPad [Guide]

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