I am using macos 10.14.5 My apologies if I use the wrong terminology, I'm not at all familiar with this stuff.

My home directory on a remote server is /home/xxx/me. On my mac I would like to create a subdirectory of /home called /home/xxx/me and mount a remote volume via sshfs into this directory. I want to do this so that file paths will match up; this will make some things easier for me. I edited /etc/auto_master and commented out the line

/home auto_home -nobrowse,hidefromfinder

This allowed me to create the directory /home/xxx/me on my mac

I changed the directory permissions on xxx and me to make the directories writable. I then attempt

sshfs me@servername:/home/xxx/me /home/xxx/me -oauto_cache,reconnect,defer_permissions,negative_vncache,volname=raijin_home,noappledouble

and I get the error

mount_osxfuse: failed to mount /home/xxx/me@/dev/osxfuse0: Operation not permitted.

The command

sshfs me@servername:/home/xxx/me some_other_local_directory -oauto_cache,reconnect,defer_permissions,negative_vncache,volname=raijin_home,noappledouble

works fine.

Can anone help?

  • Have you giot admin rights? ALso /home is not the noirmal macOS user home directory - who set this up - if as I suspect it is your site admin it is probaly best to ask them how to do this. – Mark May 25 at 2:44
  • You are correct, /home is not the normal macOS user home directory, but it is a standard directory in the macOS distribution. It is usually empty. What I will do in /home has nothing to do with /Users/me which is my macOS home directory. This is my personal laptop, I am the administrator. The only reason I want to use it is because on the remote linux server /home/xxx/me is my home directory, and for reasons I won't go into I want path names of files to match exactly. – cmt May 25 at 2:52
  • The /home hierarchy is managed by the automounter, so you also need to let the automounter mount your remove directory. – nohillside May 25 at 5:38

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