When I try to open Xcode 10.2 after installing it from Mac App Store, it doesn't open. After a while, a dialog box comes up with an error

check with the developer to make sure Xcode works with this version of macOS

I am running macOS Mojave 10.14.2

  • Welcome to Ask Different :) Are you trying to launch Xcode directly or by double clicking on a Xcode project/workspace file? – Nimesh Neema May 23 at 10:47
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    Precisely which Mojave? Xcode 10.2 requires 10.14.3 minimum - developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode_release_notes/… – Tetsujin May 23 at 10:48
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    Welcome to Ask Different :) Can you please edit the question and specify the exact version of macOS and Xcode that is installed on your Mac? – Nimesh Neema May 23 at 12:05
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    @Tetsujin After updating the OS, it is working fine. It was my false assumption that App Store won't allow me to download apps that are not compatible with my OS version. Thank you :) – Aaron May 24 at 5:15
  • I've added that as an answer, just for sake of completeness. Glad you got it working. – Tetsujin May 24 at 7:57

Xcode 10.2 requires a minimum macOS of 10.14.3.

It would appear that the App Store doesn't check the minor OS version number before allowing download, leading to this potential for confusion.

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