Sometimes (rarely) left-clicking my mouse prevents mouse movement input from being read momentarily in some apps.

I've noticed this in Minecraft and Portal 2.

What happens is I left-click my mouse and then for about 0.2 seconds (my guess) I can't turn my head, but when my head does eventually turn it's like all the previous mouse input is stacked (my head snaps to extreme angles depending on how I moved my mouse while I was frozen).

This happens with mouse and trackpad, and if it is currently happening on the mouse it continues to happen on the trackpad. Right-clicking has never caused this.

How do I stop left clicking from momentarily freezing mouse movement?

I only noticed this since Mojave.

I haven't noticed it in any other software, those are the only two games I've played.

It happens with my USB mouse and with my built-in trackpad (MacBook Pro Mid-2015 15" retina display).

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  • Some questions for you: (1) Is this something you've only noticed since upgrading to Mojave, or was it present previously? (2) Have you noticed it in any other games/software? (3) Have you by any chance been able to test this on any other Macs? (4) Are we talking about a USB mouse or bluetooth mouse? (5) As for the trackpad, can we assume it's the built-in one on your MacBook? (6) What exact model of MacBook are you using? – Monomeeth May 23 at 0:34
  • @Monomeeth edited – theonlygusti May 23 at 10:26

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