When brew cleanup shows the following error message:

Error: Cask adoptopenjdk8 exists in multiple taps:

How can I resolve this error without reinstalling Homebrew?

FYI some relevant references:


Here is a quick solution which assumes that Homebrew is up-to-date and there is no need to use any other packages from the adoptopenjdk/openjdk tap:

Check the state of adoptopenjdk/openjdk tap and adoptopenjdk8 package:

  • brew tap - lists which taps are currently enabled
  • brew search adoptopenjdk8 - shows which adoptopenjdk8 casks are available from the enabled taps and which adoptopenjdk8 casks are currently installed

Now assuming that the adoptopenjdk/openjdk tap is listed as enabled, remove the adoptopenjdk/openjdk tap as follows:

brew untap adoptopenjdk/openjdk

Then check what adoptopenjdk8 casks are currently installed. This should show exactly one adoptopenjdk8 cask installed.

At this point, brew cleanup should work correctly.

My explanation: it appears to me that they added adoptopenjdk8 to the built-in Homebrew caskroom.

Note that it should be OK to do brew tap adoptopenjdk/openjdk afterwards, if needed. (This has not caused any issues for me so far.)

  • Works great, OP if this worked for you please mark it as answered – Jordan Mackie Jul 15 at 13:53

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