I am running a terminal script that simply reads files and it will not read certain files with out an error.

I have tried 3 things

  • Using sudo - sudo node getInfo
  • Setting macOS to allow terminal full access to disk - see this SO post
  • Verified that the files are not protected by SIP - ls -lO some_apth

Here are a few of the error codes and paths:

Enoent means error no entry and applies that the file is not there - see here which is odd b.c. the file system is reporting them as there.

I can also cd into the directories and view the files.

ENOENT ../../../Library/Containers/com.apple..NowPlayingWidgetContainer/Data/Documents/iChats

ENOENT ../../../Library/Containers/com.apple..NowPlayingWidgetContainer/Data/Library/ColorSync

ENOENT ../../../Library/Containers/com.apple..NowPlayingWidgetContainer/Data/Library/Components

ENOENT ../../../Library/Containers/com.apple..NowPlayingWidgetContainer/Data/Library/Filters

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  • Sounds like your current working directory is off. Are you sure the current working directory for the script is actually the same as where you're testing these relative paths? - Check that - or change your script to use absolute paths instead. – jksoegaard May 20 at 21:50
  • This part of the path, ../../../ ,takes me to my home directory. I'll switch to absolute paths for testing purposes but what makes you think this is the issue? – Sun - FE May 21 at 0:00
  • In macOS this is where Library/ resides ... in the home directory. – Sun - FE May 21 at 0:00
  • Those container folders are for sandboxed applications. I suspect some of what you are seeing are broken links to areas where the app is not allowed access. – red_menace May 21 at 1:27
  • What do you mean by broken links? I am able to cd into these directories from the terminal? – Sun - FE May 21 at 1:30

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