When running the diskutil resize command, is it possible to skip the disk verification step?

While I realise this ordinarily a good idea to run, I'm currently struggling against an apparently inaccurate minimum size being reported by the limits option, which is forcing me to run the command multiple times till I can find the actual minimum size that I can resize to, but this is taking forever as I'm forced to wait for a 10-15 minute disk check every time.

So what I'd like to know for future reference is; is there a way to tell diskutil to skip the disk verification when resizing, or to instead use a faster alternative (e.g- the -p flag of fsck_hfs)?

  • Why are you checking the limits? Is this to determine the maximum or minimum? What type of filesystem are you checking? – David Anderson May 14 at 18:39
  • @DavidAnderson: I'm unsure of the relevance as the limits issue isn't what I want to solve, I just need to know if/how I can skip the volume verification. But if it helps it's an HFS+ partition and I was using limits to try to find the minimum I could shrink it to (so I could round up to something that should be a safe resize value). – Haravikk May 15 at 13:01
  • If you were trying for a maximum, then you specify either a 0 or R depending on which diskutil resize command you are using. Most users ask about maximizing, but you are asking for the opposite. Sorry, for that, I can not help. – David Anderson May 15 at 13:10

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