I'm using ExifTool to read and write metadata to video file.

I can read details using this command:

exiftool filename

And I can write GPS data using this command:

exiftool -GPSLongitudeRef=E -GPSLongitude=139.7513889 -GPSLatitudeRef=N -GPSLatitude=35.685 -GPSAltitude='15 m' -GPSAltitudeRef='Above Sea Level' sample88.MOV

However, when I put this file into my iPhone's photo gallery, it can't be read by either the iPhone or my Mac.

So is there any rule I should follow to make my iPhone or Mac read GPS data for my video?

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  • This tool has a user support forum. As that forum would have users with a higher knowledge of that tool and its use, have you asked that forum or developer this question? – fsb May 14 at 14:44

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