Today I updated my 2014 MacBook Air to macOS Mojave 10.14.5 as it just released. After the update finished, I checked console logs and noticed in 'System Reports' there's a log named "signpost_reporter[date & details].cpu_resource".

In the console log the path is /usr/libexec/signpost_reporter, a path i've never seen before until today.

I also updated my family's iMac to 10.14.5 but no signpost_reporter log was created after the instillation finished.

What exactly is "signpost_reporter"? What is it's function? Why did I get a log for it?


Signposts is a developer feature created by Apple to help developers diagnose performance problems in applications.

Essentially developer can create a “signpost” marking the beginning and end of performance critical operations. The signpost system then automatically times these intervals and makes them available to profiling tools on the local machine.

The signpost_reporter program is used to report these timings back to Apple. I.e. it allows Apple to monitor performance on non-developer machines by sending the telemetry data from the signpost feature to Apple. For example Apple might be interested in knowing how often customers experience problems with a specific feature being too slow.

Without seeing the actual log entry, it’s not possible to say why you got a log entry for it. However rest assured that your system works just as well with and without the signpost_reporter.

  • would it be possible for Apple to take a look at it for more information? i would like to know what may have triggered it – no nope May 14 at 7:54
  • Yes, sure it is possible for them - but I doubt you would have any luck with that. Why are you reluctant to just posting the message here, so that others can help you? – jksoegaard May 14 at 8:52
  • if youre able to take a look at it yourself we can start a private chat and ill send it – no nope May 14 at 16:04
  • This is not how this works, I’m afraid. – jksoegaard May 14 at 17:41
  • what do you mean? are you unable to look at it yourself? if you are we could have a private chat in a chat room(chat.stackexchange.com) however i dont know how to make one, or i dont think i can as of yet – no nope May 14 at 18:05

The manual page for signpost_reporter states:


signpost_reporter -- Report telemetry on intervals instrumented with os_signpost to Apple


signpost_reporter should not be invoked directly


signpost_reporter is responsible for periodically gathering and reporting telemetry about operations instrumented with os_signpost.

os_signpost is a function in macOS for instrumenting specific portions of code:

Marks a point of interest in your code as a time interval or as an event for debugging performance in Instruments.

You can learn more about the logging service of macOS in Apple's developer documentation, Logging.

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