The default file association for an unrecognized file extension is TextEdit. I'd rather it use Emacs. How can this be changed? High-Sierra and Mojave, if it makes a difference.

Note: This is not about changing the default for a given file-type. I'm asking about the fall-back for any file that has no assigned default.

What do you mean by unrecognised file type?

That description was perhaps misleading; I've updated the title. A couple of examples from my files are 'a.out', "#AtoD.ino#", "cookies.sqlite". BTW, I'm not asking what these files are, where they came from, or why they don't have a file-association that plays nicely. I'd just like to choose which tool opens them by default.

  • This is almost certainly a duplicate but I can't remember what to search for. I do know Apple broke this as it was easy on NeXT. I think the current answer is that you cannot (and I find another reason why I use Path Finder) – user151019 May 13 at 14:36
  • What do you mean by unrecognised file type? Can you give an example? – CJK May 15 at 1:50

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