Hi so I can't currently create a minimum reproducible example but I am missing texts that I know I sent and appear in the search on the iMessage app but aren't in chat.db

My python code below

import sqlite3
import pandas as pd

db = 'chatCopy.db'
conn = sqlite3.connect(db)
c = conn.cursor()

cmd1 = 'SELECT * \
            FROM message \

messages = pd.DataFrame(c.fetchall(), columns = list(map(lambda x: x[0], c.description)))

messages[messages['text'].apply(lambda x : 'Maybe like Sherlock' in x if x else False)].shape
>>>(0, 68)

Then when searching in iMessage

(I am on spotty wifi and can add a screen shot later from the messages app on Mac but basically this is a direct quote with 1 search hit that does successfully pop up.)

Finally when going to ~/Library/Messages/Archive/ the messages do exist. (This is what I assume the messages app is actually searching.)

I have somewhat noticed that this is only happening with older messages although I cannot confirm that this only happens to older messages.


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