I've tried and searched a lot of time now but I can't get my services running under Office 365 (e.g. Word) If I right click and look under "Services" (I hope it's called that I have a german version) my Scripts don't appear there.right click menu

If I look in the menu they are checked but don't appear

enter image description here

I wrote the Rainbow hotkey Service. It's just a little tool to copy telephone numbers to clipboard

I hope someone can help me out. Thank you


Services (Quick Actions) only appear in the menu if the settings at the very top of the Automator workflow window are set correctly.

You should make sure that "Workflow receives Text in Any Application" (In fact, you can even specify phone numbers.)

  • I will look into that, but I‘m pretty shure I‘ve done it that way – Markus Holy May 10 '19 at 11:17

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