When I try to install any package from the BYA repo (because they have a lot of packages that are no longer hosted anywhere else), I get an error: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error. I've been getting this error for a month or longer, and know that the BYA repo still exists, so is there any way to make installing packages from there work?

iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3.3, doubleH3lix jailbreak, Cydia (not Sileo)

  • What do you mean you the repo still exists? – fsb May 9 '19 at 2:02
  • @fsb I know that the repo hasn't closed like Xarold's Repo did – Sam May 9 '19 at 2:03
  • That's a web server error. How are you accessing this site? Please see How to Ask for tips on asking questions. You're missing a lot of info. – fsb May 9 '19 at 2:06
  • @fsb I've added details, but I'm using Cydia – Sam May 9 '19 at 2:07
  • If you can get to other repost but not BYA then it's probably a Cydia issue. This doesn't look to be an iOS or iPhone problem. – fsb May 9 '19 at 2:10

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