I have a project where I'm doing a fair amount of editing to get all the various tracks to line up. It's a bunch of recordings of the same songs in the same order, just the gaps are different.

My method is to click the marquee into a click track just ahead of the first click, then use the right arrow key to move it to the first click precisely. Then I can split / trim / move etc.

That works fine on all the tracks except one of the click tracks where the arrow key just seems to move the marquee ahead exactly 500 bars ... and then another 500 bars. I can go back to the other tracks and it behaves as expected.

Why is it doing this on this one region? I just bounced in place and the new audio behaves fine. If I drag the original region to another track it still misbehaves, so I think it's region-dependent.

I have no transients marked, I'm not in transient editing mode. Flex mode is off. This happens in the main window and the audio editor.

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