I often find myself switching between multiple distinct tasks over the course of a day. For each of these distinct tasks, I have multiple Mission Control Spaces that I switch between.

For example, while I'm working on X, I might have an Excel window, then a PyCharm window, then a Finder window, then another Excel window. Then, when I'm working on Y, I might have an RStudio window, then a Chrome window, then a PyCharm window, then a Finder window.

Each of these is open to a very particular thing, and the order helps me cognitively by letting me maintain a model of "where things are physically".

My best solution so far is just to have lots and lots of Spaces, with task X being Spaces 1-4, and task Y being Spaces 5-8. The problem is that looking at Mission Control can then be incredibly confusing - so many windows, such small thumbnails. It's even worse when there's multiple monitors.

I would love to have a "meta-spaces" capability where I can switch between the Spaces for X and the Spaces for Y (and maybe also for Z, etc.). Ideally, this would be with a keyboard shortcut.

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As far as I understand, no such capability exist natively in macOS. Neither am I aware of any such general purpose, third-party tool which works on top of Mission Control.

While the following solution doesn't completely fulfil all your requirements, it may help to a certain extent in achieving the desired.

In such a scenario, I'd separate groups of such task-focused Spaces (1 or more desktops) by a blank Space/Desktop as shown (by blank I mean a desktop with a blank image set as the background wallpaper):

enter image description here

Since each desktop can be assigned a different wallpaper, you can create a custom wallpaper with largish text for the blank Desktop, indicating the group of Spaces with the custom task.

enter image description here

This could help you in quickly locating the desired ground after invoking Mission Control.

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