I'm trying to connect to an IKEv2-based VPN using the native client in OS X High Sierra (10.13), but am seeing on both the client (Mac) and the server (Linux) that no packets are being sent between the Mac and the VPN host at all.

Console shows this message during the connection attempt:

-[NESMPluginRegistry copyAppIn:266  Failed to find the VPN app for plugin type com.apple.neplugin.IKEv2

Googling for this error only yields results like this one which shows packets being exchanged, whereas in this case they are not.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Settings -> Network
  2. Create new VPN via "+"
  3. Set type to IKEv2
  4. Input Server Address and Remote ID
  5. Select any settings in Authentication Settings (it does not matter)
  6. Inspect packets bound for VPN gateway:
    sudo tcpdump -nvv dst vpn.example.com
  7. Connect VPN
  8. Observe that the output of tcpdump is empty
  9. Now leave tcpdump running and create a similar VPN except with one of the alternative VPN types (L2TP over IPSec or Cisco IPSec)
  10. Observe that tcpdump shows outbound packets when the non-IKEv2 VPN is attempting to connect

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