How to confirm FileVault encryption has fully completed? While it's in progress, diskutil apfs list | grep 'Encryption Progress' ; fdesetup status will shows percentage of conversion.

Later is there any way to know 100% encryption is completed?

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    I was about to flag this question as a duplicate of apple.stackexchange.com/q/60683/45492 but noticed that diskutil apfs list does not mention encryption status (anymore?). Is that a recent change? diskutil cs list works as expected for non-APFS volumes.
    – n1000
    May 7, 2019 at 6:40
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    Excellent connections to the main thread and this one for troubleshooting @n1000
    – bmike
    May 7, 2019 at 7:55

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APFS volumes

It seems that the only way to tell for APFS volumes is to use fdesetup status. This fantastic blog offers a script which basically uses that command to determine the status. In the article it reads:

If encrypted, the following message is displayed:

FileVault is On.

If not encrypted, the following message is displayed:

FileVault is Off.

These are basically the outputs of fdesetup status.

Non-APFS volumes

For non-APFS volumes there is more information. Try diskutil cs list or diskutil cs list | grep "Conversion Status", respectively and look for Conversion Status. See also the accepted answer here.

$ diskutil cs list

CoreStorage logical volume groups (1 found)
+-- Logical Volume Group XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX
    Name:         VolumeXY
    Status:       Online
    Size:         196521975808 B (196.5 GB)
    Free Space:   0 B (0 B)
    +-< Physical Volume XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX
    |   ----------------------------------------------------
    |   Index:    0
    |   Disk:     disk2s2
    |   Status:   Online
    |   Size:     196521975808 B (196.5 GB)
    +-> Logical Volume Family XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX
        Encryption Type:         AES-XTS
        Encryption Status:       Locked
        Conversion Status:       Complete
        High Level Queries:      Fully Secure
        |                        Passphrase Required
        |                        Accepts New Users
        |                        Has Visible Users
        |                        Has Volume Key
        +-> Logical Volume XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX
            Disk:                  -none-
            Status:                Locked
            Size (Total):          196169654272 B (196.2 GB)
            Revertible:            Yes (unlock and decryption required)
            LV Name:               SD
            Content Hint:          Apple_HFS

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