I have a site that works without problem on Windows, Android, and Mac. For reference: https://xamina.co.kr

However, only on mobile ios such as ipads and iphones, does my site fail miserably. On the first connection, err_failed error occurs telling me the site does not have HTTPS. On a second refresh, the site loads, but none of the Javascript or images load. On a third refresh, everything seems to work with HTTPS.

Then again, any change in page, will need two refreshes so I wouldn't call it fixed after two initial refreshes.

I first suspected it might be a problem with my AWS certificate and maybe the ipad does not recognize Amazon's trusted authorities so I tried updating my ios. My ipad's certificate version is now on 2018.12 but is still causing the same problem. My customers are begging for ios support and I can't seem to find a solution.

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