I have an iPhone backup created while it was running iOS 10, and want to restore it onto a new iPhone which is running iOS 12. I'd like to keep the original versions of the iOS apps instead of upgrading them to the latest available from the App Store.

Is is possible?

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This used to be possible up to iTunes 12.6
Individual .ipa files for each app were stored on the user's local computer & could be restored to a new device [assuming they were capable of running on it].

Since 12.7, iTunes no longer keeps copies of .ipa files & after a new device install, apps are downloaded direct from the App Store - these will always be latest versions.

Apple did keep a special corporate version of iTunes available - currently 12.6.5 - via this link; Deploy apps in a business environment with iTunes but it requires you already have the .ipa files on your computer, or can pull them from the old device. I haven't tried this as a working method in a long time so can't quite recall the precise steps needed.

It also will not run under Mojave, so is quite a limited resource.

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